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Epson Rips

Epson Italia

Special Mention WT Award 2018

Eco-friendly business printer for office users, and high-volume print of documents has technology based upon an electrical voltage applied to the piezo crystal inside the printing head, generating the motion that pumps the ink in every nozzle. There’s no warm up time, no heat for low energy consumption. It is able to print up to 84,000 pages without replacing the ink It takes control with a range of software and tools that provide print options, scanning and help manage devices remotely. NFC and wireless connectivity also supports printing from mobile devices. And with its smartphone inspired user interface and touchscreen, it's intuitive to operate. Wait times and the distance to collect print jobs are minimised too as it's a workgroup printer. It also has the touchscreen, direct scan-to-print without PC, and direct print from USB.





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