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Tenax Electra 2.0 NEO

Tenax International

First Prize WT Award 2018

Electric street sweeper is a compact road sweeper in with fully electric power and drive. It is silent and small size, and it is the solution for the cleaning of historic centres, pedestrian areas, cycle paths and in general of both small and medium-sized interiors and exteriors. It is the machine that improves the quality of life of the citizen and the operator. It is designed and built with particular attention to weights and distribution. This is to allow maximum range and at the same time the choice of the type of battery suited to customer needs (Acid, Gel or Lithium). It ensures the elimination of pollutant emissions, and noise emission allowing reductions in operating costs and maintenance. It has a large panoramic cab, a control panel for managing all operational functions and monitoring the operating parameters of the machine, seat and control system.





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