WT SmartCityAward 2014


Avis Magica

Armarada "Design the Future"

Avis Magica proposes an inovative concept: VERTICAL NATURE which responds to a serious problem: POLLUTION. Avis Magica is a building broken up into three parts, publicly accessible: a 120 meter tall aquarium that filters water directly from the ocean or any other water source, green balconies holding plant life and the artificially generated clouds. The plant life that is supported by the humidity from the water to form rain clouds above. The whole building works like a big tank of oxygen. Subsequently we thought, what if we could "grow" the building from bacterias and also integrate the Vertical Nature concept into the structure. There are already people who are developing a material that can grow from bacterias, by combining calcium and cellulose. In the future, if the pollution levels will become dangerous high, we could deploy some bacterias in different polluted places and the whole building would grow by itself in a short period of time acting like a plant, generating oxygen, consuming CO2 and regenerating it's structure, all at the same time. We could eventualy learn how to grow a living building, and also integrate in it's structure, cells like those found in the body of a plant. For ex. Mesophyll cells - they combine CO2, light and water producing oxygen and glucose Xylem tubes - water and nutrients transportation.



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