WT SmartCityAward 2014



Castelli Design

The BP Memorial project created by the Italian designer Clino Castelli, aims to develop the Dayscape, a new category of Media Building that functions in full daylight. These buildings can make use on their facades of the technology concept Mediastone, similar to that of e-book readers like the Kindle, taken to a gigantic scale. In this concept, the large multimedia wall, 9m high and 30m long, and thus visible from a
distance, is covered with panels of the synthetic Mediastone whose pattern imitates the sedimentary rocks of seabeds. The Mediastone components can create the first interactive facade on which visitors can post
e-graffiti directly from their cell phones: a temporary but clearly visible message, a fleeting impression that fades and vanishes to make room for other thoughts and voices. The BP Memorial is a special automatic gas station designed as a monument, whose architecture is composed for the most part of a large, dynamic multimedia wall flanked by two rows of gas pumps. The facade animation shows, in dissolving images, a series of large silhouettes of heroes of antiquity.



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