WT SmartCityAward 2014


Vertical Strip "A Hanging Tower"

Stephan Sobl

The project is about the interplay of opaque massive surfaces capable of incorporating poché and lightweight, fragile structure. The resulting environments developed by these distinct architectural languages are exploited and distributed vertically to create extreme spatial sequences.
The program of the project is a casino resort, a satellite alternative to Las Vegas, located on a dramatic site between the Hoover Dam and the Bypass Bridge. The resort caters to various 21st century vices including entertainment, gambling and luxury living.
The circulation including vehicles focuses on 3 main elements: structural details of the Bypass Bridge, openings to the Hoover Dam and breathtaking diagonal views of the hanging tower with a constant interplay of plunging and emerging.
The structural system is divided into 3 tectonics which are a massive concrete structure building the cantilever for the hanging tower, a lightweight hanging tower and a metal shell embracing the structure.
The metal skin of the tower provides shading and natural wind circulation for the tower of which its panels are orientating themselves according to current and changing wind conditions.



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