WT SmartCityAward 2017


Salerno Mixed Use Tower

Dante O. Benini Architects

The aim of the project was to reconnect the railway station with a tunnel that pass under the tracks to go to reconnect an isolated part of the city where David Chipperfield had already designed the Palace of Justice.
In the axis that connects the station to this land cropping, you will be settled private homes and shopping centers, totally underground, giving rise to a large square and rejoining the sea where Zaha Hadid and Ricardo Bofill have given rise respectively to the port and the Crescent , another place entirely dedicated to residence.
This axis is transversely cut from the promenade and here we have imagined the Welcome Tower which, in any way had been made, it would have been or attacked gesture to critics, historians and environmentalists, as the tower overlooking the not necessarily welcome the sea, or a self-celebratory gesture, now commonly used in designs that want to identify places through important landmarks.


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