WT SmartCityAward 2014


Praxis of Flow

Arthur Azoulai and Melody Rees

This project is located in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on Calle Monserate. It is a morphological study that emphasizes circulating forces and an extended field of movement. It is designed by dynamically simulating self-organizing biological systems. Selective decision-making is used to sculpt innate yet deliberate spatial relationships and formal qualities. At its pure essence, this project is an infrastructural system that acts as link-up for many formal architectural systems. The inherent continuity of the form as a seemingly topological surface allows for the emergence of roadways, interstitial interior space, and landscape. With imbricating structural support systems, the collective tectonics provide a framework for a new housing typology. This typology questions three things, a diversified program, formal qualities of inhabitable spaces and the ways we as architects can push technology to build better buildings. These themes seek to push the ultimate limits of this alternative residential building. Similarly, the adaptive qualities of the infrastructure allow the building and site to form an organic semiotic relationship where the building seamlessly emerges from the land below. Here, the ecologically evasive character of Puerto Rico's environment merges into the new architecture. Thus, this project articulates new formal relationships and interstitial space while also reflecting the contingencies of the current moment in San Juan.



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