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List of the winners and mentionated projects of WT SmartCity 2017, International Award for the Architecture.


Prize WT SmartCityAward 2017


First Prize
aMDL - Unicredit Pavilion

The structure was designed with a strong focus on environmental sustainability with natural materials and modern building techniques

Second Prize
Lissoni Architettura -
New York City Aquatrium

A submerged circular aquarium  in New York that interacts with its surrounding, offering multiple ways to experience the water world represented by eight triple-height transparent biomes

Second Prize
Studioata -
Tree Housing

An expandable and flexible module that can have the dual function of home and place of work, a structure that at the same time could produce electricity and collect sufficient water for the needs of families

Third Prize
AM Project, Joseph Di Pasquale Architects - Chorus Life

A sport village in Bergamo with an area of 150,000 sqm with the purpose of bringing three generations together in a city model for the third millennium



Special Mentions WT SmartCityAward 2017


Progetto CMR - Oxygen Eco-Tower

A tower inspired by the geometric model of a flower that grows upwards with an organic shape and sinuous curves

Richard’s Architecture + Design - REVURBANISM (Revolution+Urbanism)

An organic architecture that integrates in the building's structure with mesophyll cells that produce oxygen, similar to those of plants

OXO + Laisne Roussel - Vertical City for Sahara Dessert

A central inner tower covered with vegetation that serves as a vertical garden sheltered from the harsh desert conditions

LABSCAPE Design and Architecture - Jiraria (Tree City)

The Jiraria project is inspired by the ‘y rhizome tree’-system. This arrangement allows for an extensive adaptation of the site in which all branches are linked together to create plazas and alleys

Urbanplunger - Hong Kong Red Light Hotel

Complying with the extremely compact planning in Hong Kong, the whole structure is elevated above the ground by leaning on the nearby buildings

WT SmartCity Award

SIARQ Advanced Solar Design  -  Solar Urban Hub

New generation of smart & solar urban furniture, able to combine street lighting, micro-generation of solar energy and support for Smart Cities devices



Best Selection WT SmartCity 2017, International Award for the Architecture


ABDR Architetti Associati - Parco Scientifico Tecnologico Agroalimentare

The project provides for the reorganization of the Wholesale Market and surrounding areas dealing with some critical aspects of the urban system

Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill - Third Industrial Revolution City Astana Expo 2017

The wind and sun-powered neighborhood "will embody the five pillars of the Third Industrial Revolution", which outlines a theory of a shared clean energy grid that will transform culture and production

Bai Ying, Guo Shen, Kang Pengfei, Qiu Song & Ren Nuoya - Sand Babel Solar-Powered 3D Printed Tower

Concept of buildings inspired by tornadoes and mushroom rocks; designed with a tube network system combining residential spaces for the desert community, scientific research facilities and tourist platforms

CAAT Studio Architecture - Media Complex

The concept proposes that the human while interacting with the different spaces, becomes a certain type of media and turns into a specific type of data which would be entered into the system for the latter to operate

Chetwood Architects - The Pheonix Towers

The tallest towers in the world, a kilometer from the floor, cleaning the surrounding air through the absorption of harmful emissions; all exploiting renewable sources

Christopher Christophi and Lucas Mazarrasa - The Hyper Speed Vertical Train Hub

The proposal aims to resolve the inevitable challenges that cities will face by 2075, and offers a deliverable and sustainable solution for the future of the transport generation

Dante O. Benini & Partners - Salerno Mixed Use Tower

The tower is part of a much larger and complex task, which covers an area of ​​about 10ha, for a total of about 120.000mq

Delta Sync - Floating Ecosystem

Strategic sustainable features that ensure healthy, green living standards, including hydroponic growing systems, biofuel production through floating algae, protected fish and seafood habitats contributing to a “cyclical metabolism”

Dimo Ivanov - Civilization 0.000 Tower

This futuristic concept has actually very sophisticated foundation, with strong social undertone. The structure and the shape are determined by aqua-dynamic as well as aero-dynamic forces

Elena Tsyrenova, Nikolai Lyutomsky - Eco-City

Designed to protect the city from the Siberian weather, Eco-city 2020 expects the construction of an artificial underground city inside the Mir diamond mine

Eli Gotman, Hila Davidpu, Hofi Harari and Tal Gazit - Eco-Cliff

Recreating a cliff habitat for the types of animals that would naturally be living in such an environment, It would include an animal reserve, areas to accommodate migratory birds and area for vegetation

Ennead Architects - Fostering Resilient Ecological Design (F.R.E.D.)

A flexible kit of parts comprised of an integrated system of dunes, piers, and housing clusters. Co-gen facility and canopies of photo-voltaic panels provide reliable renewable site energy that contribute to a net-zero and low carbon footprint energy strategy 

Gerasimos Pavlidis - Greengru Airportscraper

The airportscraper works as an energy station, runs itself by generating power from within and provides energy to the surrounding city

GPT Architecture - Biotic-Tech Skyscraper City

Using qualities like transparency, flexibility, movement and protective pigmentation, the Biotic-Tech Skyscraper City has several kinds of urban programs are mixed vertically, including greenspace

Henry Smith, Adam Woodward, Paul Attkins - Launchspire

The concept is a helical version of the classic urban grid environment with the benefits of high density, elevated living, mass transportation to different levels, pedestrian and cycle travel locally to enable healthy living

Jacques Rougeri - La Cite Des Mériens

The vessel is shaped like a manta ray and is envisioned to be a university city

Jie Huang, Jin Wei, Qiaowan Tang, Yiwei Yu, and Zhe Hao - Rainforest Guardian Skyscraper

Consisting of a water tower, a forest fire station, a weather station, scientific research and education laboratories, the structure prevents fires by capturing rainwater in the rainy season and irrigating the land in the dry season.

MAD Architects - Nanjing Zendai Himalayas Center

The Nanjing Zendai Himalayas Center is a city-scale urban project, which takes references from the Chinese Shan-Shui paintings consisting of mountains, water and meandering pathways

MAD Architects - Pingtan Art Museum

The museum represents a long-lasting earthscape in water and is a symbol of the island in ancient times, with each island containing a mountain beneath it

Matteo Thun & Partners - JW Marriott

An authentic Venetian atmosphere, immersed in the islands nature, away from noise and bustle of Venice. The project’s complexity was managed through a shift in scale from the macro (masterplan) to the micro (details)

Michaela Dejdarova and Michal Votruba - Vertical Farm in Prague

The structure consists of clusters of tetrahedrons grouped to create an exoskeleton that peels from the ground and supports hundreds of green terraces for agriculture

PAT. + Buonomo Veglia - Dewa Headquaters

The project aims to maximise sustainable design features, energy and water efficiency, and to achieve LEED Platinum. WEL building certification and Zero Energy or Nearly Zero Energy status

PEIA Associati - Kaikan

The shape is a symbolic reference to a lotus petal or a large gold fish, serves as both a conference center (1000 seats) and as a civic hall for citizens and temple for the local Buddhist community

Planning Korea - Paik Nam June Media Bridge

A multi-storey bridge, multipurpose, multimedia, sustainable, from the seductive and fluid sculptural organic structure

Raymond PAN/HMC Architects - Taiwan Tower

Rising from its roots, that are infused with its people, place, history, and stories, this column of life is the culmination of the serendipitous lifestyle and inclusive multicultural dynamism of Taiwan

Shimizu - Ocean Spiral

The resources of the deep sea, from differences in temperature and pressure between the bottom and the surface to fishing and aquaculture, would be exploited to make this small world autonomous

Sitbon Architects - Bloom Aquatic Farm

Semi submersible sphere platform for the year of 2050. It not only takes advantage of phytoplankton which absorbs C02 and produce O2 but also sends alerts in case of sudden rising water, Tsunamis etc

Studio Gang Architects - Solar Carve Tower

Sculpted by the angles of the sun, the Tower explores how shaping a building in response to solar access and other site-specific criteria can expand its architectural potential

Sun Jin Cho - Seawer Skyscraper

Seawer is a self-supported hydroelectric power station that can generate electricity using seawater at the same time that it cleans up plastic waste

Ting Xu & Yiming Chen - Light Park Floating Skyscraper

Transparent solar panels cover the top of the container, supplying energy to the structure below. Headers are also placed at the top, the rain water passes through the filter and is used for its intended purpose

Upgrade Studio Architect - Nympha Cultural Center

The project’s concept is based on one natural evolution example: Caterpillar-Chrysalis-Butterfly. The shape and skin of the building are an analogy of the biological metamorphosis of the urban habitat

Zaha Hadid Architects - Astana Expo – Future Energy

Inspired by a combination of local culture and renewable technologies as a result of putting energy efficiency, renewable energy technologies and sustainability at the forefront of the design


List of the winners and mentionated projects of WT SmartCity 2014, International Award for the Architecture.


Prize WT SmartCityAward 2014


First Pize
Mario Cucinella - Nuova Sede dell'ARPT

The dunes appear as ‘natural’ buildings, constructed by wind and sand. Bioclimatic architecture, by the natural cooling techniques, convex and concave to capture the wind

Second Pize
Geofutures - Biotic City

Geofutures @ Rensselaer School of Architecture / Jessica Hernandez, Edgar Garcia & Bing Bai (students); Chris Perry, Andrew Saunders & Fleet Hower (faculty). Propose a floating linear structure composed of biodegradable materials grown and collected on-site. 

Third Pize
BAT and ACHAZABALLA arquitectos - Baltic Sea Park

Undulating building that envelops a bridge with public functions and ecological placed near a natural park and above a river. Sustainable use exploiting the natural elements


Special Mentions WT SmartCityAward 2014


Aprilli Studio - Urban Skyfarm

Vertical farm prototype which would mainly support food production and distribution and improve the urban environmental quality through water, air filtration and renewable energy production

Armarada "Design the Future" - Avis Magica

Organic architecture, a Vertical Nature that integrates in the building's structure mesophyll cells that produce oxygen, similar with those from plants

 Arthur Azoulai and Melody Rees - Praxis of Flow

Dynamically simulating self-organizing biological systems. Selective decision-making is used to sculpt innate yet deliberate spatial relationships and formal qualities

Castelli Design - Mediastone

Concept for large multimedia wall covered with panels of pattern that imitates the sedimentary rocks of seabeds. Conceived as the electrophoretic E-Ink imaging technology, the panels produce dynamic signs with slightly corroded edges

Corfone and Partners - EcoDynamic Nozon Valley

The masterplan improves the existing environment at different levels: it creates a useful water network serving the whole valley; it strengthens ecological diversity and biopermeability through green corridors; it allows to produce sustainable energy

Picernocerasolab - Synapse Eco Link

The skyscraper will also provide a link to the new port village and it is a green building providing a home for the exploration of marine ecologies and future bio technologies, with a focus on Algae produc- tion

Richard Moreta (RA+D/UJED) - The City as a “Mega Power Plant”

Revolutionary use of the structure of the vertical master planning for their chimneys of the convention air exchange wind turbine system located at the bases of the building, in the underground parking lots acting as a huge chamber of negative pression to the top intake air entrance located at the top of the building

Stephan Sobl - Vertical Strip "A Hanging Tower"

Interplay of opaque massive surfaces capable of incorporating poché and lightweight, fragile structure. The resulting environments developed by these distinct architectural languages are exploited and distributed vertically to create extreme spatial sequences


Best Selection WT SmartCity 2014, International Award for the Architecture


Alles Wird Gut - Bio Campus

Self-sufficient and self-supporting campus-like hills, buildings are ideally shaped to use natural energies such as sunlight and wind for cooling and lighting

AmphibianArc - Zoomlion Single Tower

The campus have characteristic of technological innovation aimed to sustainability and to create new forms of design like the space shuttle tied to its launching pad

Derek Pirozzi - Polar Umbrella

Desalination system in form of skyscraper Arctic with NOAA technology float. Using a salt water as an energy source, Umbrella, works as a thermal skin that regenerates the ice cap, freezing the water

Dioinno + University at Buffalo - Wheels in the Sky

New non-motorized mobility infrastructure is proposed to be overlaid on existing urban conditions as ornaments. The overlaid infrastructure as a whole becomes a city-scale iconography. It’s parts work as functional ornaments

Future City Lab - Hydramax

Interactive harbor face to sustainability and control of the quality of life through interactive technologies

Galantini Studio and Ricardo Zurita - Rapid Response Architecture

The neighborhood is still an active shipping port with the presence of linked and stacked shipping containers. Powerful in its iconic simplicity, the container is an ideal element - appropriate for its functional and poetic qualities

Herwig Baumgartner - Condo Tower

An intelligent building, as an organism between nature and architecture, this tower allows digital techniques, interactive resources and use of new technologies and materials

JAPA architects - Dynamic Vertical Networks

Territorial vertical farming initiative which ensures food supply for the future via a set of connected vertical crop production structures located close to dense city areas

Jensen Liu - Aurora Borealis Observatory

Observatory harness the energy and beauty of the aurora borealis through magnetism and winds that come to be created. Stainless steel skin and leather LEED systems allow the reflection of the phenomenon. Building hollowed to exploit geothermal energy

Joseph di Pasquale - Kingsborn Sport and Resort Village

Urban center, self-sufficient with large roofs shading in deep relationship with the nature. Masterplan placed to maximize solar exposure and to take advantage of water power

LAVA Studio - Astana Railway Station

Station hub of the city, with the aim of reducing carbon emissions through sustainable technologies. Wavy shape composed by a mesh with openings for the entry of light for the undulates frame

Luca Curci - Organic Cities

The organic buildings become part of the new megalopolis, cultural and natural places with social life. The masterplan has been created to be adaptive and to evolve with society

LUD Studio - Vertical Central Park

Central park vertically with thematic and functional division of the skyscraper. Integration with the vertical of the park and exploitation of ventilation

Oppenheim Studio - Marina + Beach Towers

Emergent building that has also allowed the creation of an ethereal botanical wonderland, the structure incorporates solar and wind arrays

Paul Jones, David Dobereiner and Chris Brown - Organicity

The new smart city is an opportunity to speculate an alternative model for a new urban mixed-use community. Our concept is derived from the cells of plants, that combine together to form a living organism

Sam Hau Sum Ming - Revealing Mysterious Garden

New revelation of nature. Designed himself as the natural environment, the hexagonal façade become an element that contributes to the cooling of the underlying aquifer

Sergio Sanz Pont - A Palace For Nature

Botanical oasis of self-sustainability with new technologies for reuse of water, to give life in the middle of the desert



Project review - WT SmartCity Award 2013

accessibilità Francesco Colarossi - Giovanna Saracino - Luisa Saracino - Coffice Studio - Solar Wind

Viadotto sostenibile che utilizza lo spazio lasciato vuoto inserendo un impianto eolico in gradi di produrre elettricità sufficiente per alimentare 15000 case


qualità della vita

Studio Mobile - Cristiana Favretto - Antonio Girardi - Jellyfish Barge

Ecosistema chiuso in grado di fornire le condizioni adatte per la coltivazione grazie all'ausilio della luce solare


Arup Biomimetics Alanna Howe and Alexander Hespe - WHEN Ocean City

Insediamento sottomarino che imita i sistemi naturali creando ambienti urbani autosufficienti grazie all'estrazione di acqua dolce, alle culture idroponiche e alle correnti oceaniche che permettono la produzione di energia


Chetwood Architects - Laurie Chetwood - London Bridge Sprouts Solar Powered Vertical Farm

Ponte alimentato ad energia solare che ospita, oltre ad un centro commerciale, una fattoria idroponica biologica

qualità della vita

Djuric Tardio - Sticks

Sistema di micro-asili nido temporanei, nata dal bisogno crescente di luoghi per la prima infanzia a Parigi e nelle aree urbane


Dorin Stefan Birou Arhitectură - Solar Skyscraper

Grattacielo rivestito di pannelli fotovoltaici che ospita uffici e spazi pubblici con dirigibili-ascensore che fungono da osservatori

accessibilità James Law Cybertecture - Technosphere

Edificio ecologico che trae ispirazione dalla terra e prevede accorgimenti sostenibili quali pannelli solari, impianti di schermatura solare passiva e riciclo dell'acqua


Kulthida Songkittipakdee - Jen Hung - Tien Wu - Cheng Pan - IA Lab - Acupuncture Tower

Torre rivestita di alghe in grado di reagire con la luce del sole che producono biocarburante e capace di desalinizzare l'acqua


Menomenopiù Architects - Solar Loop

Struttura che presenta una forma appositamente studiata per esporre la maggior parte della sua superficie ai raggi solari


Meta-territory Studio - Symbiotic Interlock

Struttura modulare prefabbricata che entra in simbiosi con le infrastrutture verticali della città che ha lo scopo di creare una rete su più livelli di nodi e spazi verdi per la città

accessibilità Michele Puzzolante - Resort Solar Floating

Piccola isola galleggiante rivestita da un sottilissimo film fotovoltaico in grado di produrre energia dal sole e dalla luce artificiale e di accumularla rendendola disponibile per le ore notturne


Pavlina Dolezalova and Jan Smekal - City Respiration System of Shanghai

Torre elicoidale che ha lo scopo di ripulire l'aria delle città più inquinate in tutto il mondo


Phu Hoang Office - No Man's Land

Progetto che ha lo scopo di creare isole artificiali per portare nuove strutture turistiche, produrre energia rinnovabile e raccogliere acqua dolce.


Pierre Cardin - Rodrigo Basilicati - Palais Lumière

Edificio in grado di raggiungere un equilibrio tra energia generata e consumata grazie ai suoi impianti fotovoltaici, geotermici e l'utilizzo di vetro a bassa emissione


Pinkcloud - The Oil Silo Home

Proposta di riqualificazione di silos per lo stoccaggio del petrolio, convertiti in sistemi abitativi energicamente autosufficienti

accessibilità Plantagon - Vertical Farm

Fattoria o Serra Verticale, i cui prodotti vengono fatti crescere e maturare grazie a un sistema idroponico, quindi senza l'ausilio della terra


Sarly Adre Bin Sarkum - Water Scraper

Grattacielo subacqueo che consiste in una unità galleggiante completamente autonoma, autosufficiente, funzionale, vivibile


Studio LAVA - Laboratory for Visionary Architecture - Bionic Tower

Robot che offre un sistema di trasporto molto agibile che permette di ampliare la fascia di mobilità anche a disabili motori


Victor Kopeykin - Pavel Zabotin - Kinematic Skyscraper

Grattacielo futuristico che si configura come una città autonoma in quanto utilizza un impianto geotermico, posto alla base, e pannelli fotovoltaici sulla facciata


Vincent Callebautl -"Kings Forest" Rest House Complex

Dispositivo progettato per disabili motori che fanno uso di sedia a rotelle per permettere loro di partecipare a esercizi anaerobici e aerobici


Yoav Messer Architects - Econtainer

Ponte tentacolare realizzato con container riutilizzati pensato per  fornire l'accesso a pedoni, biciclette e navette di piccole dimensioni


Zhi Zheng - Hongchuan Zhao - Dongbai Song - Himalaya Water Tower

Grattacielo situato nella catena montuosa dell'Himalaya con lo scopo di immagazzinare l'acqua prodotta dallo scioglimento dei ghiacci e di regolarne la dispersione nei territori circostanti


Project Review  
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