WT SmartCityAward 2017


NYMPHA Cultural Center

Upgrade Studio Architect

Each city/urban habitat has developed in its own way due to its own unique DNA code. This is why Upgrade studio are concerned that with the constant expansion of cities due to fitting new projects into the already coded urban fabric, this might be a potential harm to the authenticity of the code and its cultural identity. So, having this in mind, the studio creates an urban bio-hybrid as a result of their research-based scanning of the urban fabric via computational design. Measuring the natural environment and its elements – wind, sunlight, temperature, and circulation – the data derived helps the studio design two hybrids. They house Art galleries, Cultural Center, Performing Arts Center and the University library Hence, the building is meant to operate as a living organism. For example, the veins, which serve as the structural element in the cladding, collect rainwater and send it underground. Therefore, no is need for air conditioning since the heat pump principle of cooling and warming is used. 


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