WT SmartCityAward 2017


Bloom Aquatic Farm

Sitbon Architects

Bloom Aquatic Farm is a concept semi submersible sphere platform for the year of 2050 where sea level might rise more than 1 meter due to global warming. Bloom is the beginning of a phytoplankton farm which located on the sea, maybe at first in Indian Ocean because Asia is the first continent affected by this problem. It’s ambitious large-scale project that takes advantage of phytoplankton to absorb CO2 excesses and produce O2. This semi-submersible sphere is moored to the seabed with a system of cables, it can be in coastal zones to alert anyone in case of sudden rising water, tsunamis, and more. It can also be located in died zones from the oceans to regulate their quantity of O2 simply by injecting phytoplankton into rivers, lakes, or different water ports. Inside Bloom Aquatic Farm, it’s going to be a comfortable housing environment for permanent scientists that work with phytoplankton.


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