WT SmartCityAward 2017


Vertical City for Sahara Desert

OXO Architects

A central inner tower covered with vegetation that serves as a vertical garden sheltered from the harsh desert conditions. Remaining space is taken up by a shopping center and conference rooms, sports area, museum, a spa, and a bar and restaurant. The tower also includes a meteorological observatory, while a heliport tops the building. The sustainable technology slated for the build is very ambitious. Up to 45,000 cubic meters of rainwater would be collected annually in an area known for its aridity and used for various purposes. Most significantly, it would be injected roughly 4 km deep underground, at which point the earth's heat would turn the water into steam. This steam would then channeled to the surface and used to power a generator that produces electricity and heats water for the tower's heating systems. The same rainwater would also be used to irrigate the internal vertical garden and for toilet needs, with greywater recycled too. Additional power would come from solar panels.


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