WT SmartCityAward 2014


Zoomlion Single Tower


The Masterplan is composed by, the multi-center spatial layout strategy forms a dynamic complex on the campus, an office building, five residential towers, and a transforming conference facility. The prominent office tower is 280 meters, with seven spacecraft-inspired pods protruding from one side at 199.2 meters in height. Seven pods serve as clubhouses. The refined geometry of the 280 m hotel tower is contrasted with the rough texture of the office tower. Five additional towers of between 80-100 m would be constructed around the tower, while the conference facility would sit at the base. A water feature suspended at the vertical midpoint of the tower represents the spiritual and architectural center of the complex. Energy-saving features include double envelope construction, thermal resistant Super Windows, ground-source heat pumps and diurnal thermal energy storage for on-site energy generation, as well as green roofs and green gardens throughout for micro climate control.



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