WT SmartCityAward 2017


JW Marriott

Matteo Thun

The green belt includes various brick pavilions, preserved according to the “box in a box” principle: building inside without touching the old walls in order to protect the historic character of the buildings as encouraged by the latest heritage conservation guidelines. The Maisonette, offices, suites, spa, and staff accommodations are situated in these longitudinal areas. The project’s focus on the lagoonscape—water, slowness, and silence—is linked to consistent choices of locally available materials (brick and tiles, glass, mirrors, and Venetian textiles) in a contemporary key, without any sense of nostalgia or historicism. It is a unique place that caters to the upmarket tourist who wants an outstanding location offering “luxury through subtraction.” Away from the noise and bustle, and above all, without creating useless waste. 


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