WT SmartCityAward 2014


Wheels in the Sky

Dioinno + University at Buffalo

The structure provides shaded bike path connecting the isolated riverfront to city downtown and commuter town over the river; it also serves as a platform for wind turbines. Wheels of both bikes and turbines in the sky play urban ornaments with many benefits in economy, health, environments, disaster control, and city aesthetics.
We selected Dallas in the US as a tested to apply our innovative ideas. Currently, the Trinity levee –fixed, heavy, single-purpose infrastructure—divides the city’s life space into three isolated parts: Downtown (work), open space in floodway (play), and residential neighborhoods (live). Our proposal recovers the seamless connection with providing non-motorized travel pathways over the isolated spaces. The pathways (elevated 6-9 ft over ground) freely connect 5 LRT stations, Trinity and Trinity Levee trails, 4 activity centers in floodway, Continental Avenue Pedestrian Bridge, and 6 residential neighborhood centers. The pathways, totaling 11 miles long,  are consisted of about 1,000 60-feet-long modular decks, supported by a fully adaptable and decentralized structure network of compression masts and tension cables. The modular structure system enables economic pre-fabrication, flexible partial changes, and resiliency to damages. The pathways are also integrated with LRT stations to lower the city’s auto-dependency.



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