WT SmartCityAward 2014


Dynamic Vertical Networks

JAPA architects

Dyv-Net project consist of a Territorial vertical farming initiative which ensures food supply for the future via a set of connected vertical crop production structures located close to dense city areas. They contribute to save land, reduce food mileage (reduce transport CO2 emissions) and at the same time act as a biodiversity magnet, creating Hubs where different species could grow and live intelligent ecosystems.
An hydroponic systems is used in order to controll the year-round crop growing. Inspired by the traditional China’s rice farming agriculture, amazing shifting floor plates and light structural systems which incorporates recycled metallic material are part of the main structure. A system of inner circular rails on each floor plate will allow crops to rotate in order to have sunlight for the during the day.The structures will also held research facilities in certain floors and two viewing platforms open to the public in the middle and at the top level.




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