WT SmartCityAward 2014


Biotic City


Geofutures @ Rensselaer School of Architecture / Jessica Hernandez, Edgar Garcia & Bing Bai (students); Chris Perry, Andrew Saunders & Fleet Hower (faculty). A floating linear structure composed of biodegradable materials grown and collected on-site. The project proposes a new post-industrial urbanism that forges relationships with the natural environment and its complex ecologies, while simultaneously engaging the needs and desires of human activity. This achievement is accomplished through the application of new advances in construction technology and material science.In terms of programming, Biotic City proposes a new unconventional urban form, it is based on a complex large-scale platform that supports scientific research of complex marine ecologies while providing a livable city for human beings and the local flora and fauna alike. The proposal suggest a new way for humans to live and interact with their environment. Once the city is not needed the immediate environment  will make it disappear because it is built with biodegradable materials.


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