WT SmartCityAward 2014


Organic Cities

Luca Curci

The project create a common place where people can live, meet, work, socialize and create new mixing cultures. The project is organized in 2 groups: organic buildings on the earth, and “moons” on the sea. All of them are connected each other with roads, parks, and running streets. The “moons” on the sea are divided into 3 kinds: the smaller, the middle and the biggest. The total floor area will host more than 150.000 habitants, with 50% of the lot area dedicated to green, connections and open areas. The extreme sustainability of the project is ensured by the technologies that allow exploiting sun and wind. All the buildings are covered by photovoltaic glass, a new way to integrate perfectly natural illumination, UV filter, thermal and acoustic insulation and energy generation. Due to the high solar exposition, the buildings are not only totally energy self-sufficient, but they provide enough energy for any kind of needs.



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