WT SmartCityAward 2014


Nuova Sede dell'ARPT

Mario Cucinella

The project is inspired by the desert landscape where the dunes appear as ‘natural’ buildings, constructed by wind and sand. The proximity to the new urban park offers the opportunity to create a highly visible and symbolic building. The project proposes a highly iconic building far from the predominant aesthetics of the area, exploiting its direct contact with the new park. It emerges from the desire to create a building that works according to the principles of bioclimatic architecture, and in particular by the natural cooling techniques of the past, such as the tu'rat has suggested an aerodynamic shape, convex on the North to divert hot winds at midday, and concave to capture the cool breezes at night, and thus promoting the natural ventilation of the building. Form, energy and tradition are transformed into a new building that will become a symbol of the development of landscape.





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