WT SmartCityAward 2014


Synapse Eco Link


Synapse embraces all of its history and developments, creating a sustainable and self-sufficient skyscraper that will form an Eco-link between Vietri Sul Mare and Salerno. The Skyscraper will house extensive marine ecology research facilities that will explore, and help preserve the Amalfi coastline, as well as being connected to the Schola Medica Salernitana, expanding the Universities resources. The skyscraper will also provide a link to the new port village. Synapse is a green skyscraper providing a home for the exploration of marine ecologies and future bio technologies, with a focus on Algae produc- tion. It is covered in a parametric ‘eco skin’, formed of solar panels, and four different types of Algae. The Algae is an organism that is concentrated in a plastic casing, and placed into a system that pumps carbon dioxide, nutrients and water through, which with the help of sunlight, photosynthesises to create different products. These include fresh oxygen for the internal ventilation system, Bio fuel which can be used instead of normal oils and Biomass used for animal and agricultural feed. The Research centre will house laboratory space for refining the algae.The Synapse structure is made of recycled steel from cargo and shipping containers found in the Industrial site. The foundation of the skyscraper is formed from protocells, a prototype organism working underwater and reacting to light, that creates rock formations around structural reinforcements. This new form of foundations, and the positioning of the skyscraper overlooking the source of the Amalfi coast, will be less invasive, protecting the natural sea life habitats.



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