WT SmartCityAward 2014


The City as a “Mega Power Plant”

Richard Moreta (RA+D/UJED)

This is the first time in urban design history, that the city is considered to be in it’s all a “Mega Power Plan” of clean energy. The concept is revolutionary and uses the structure of the vertical master planning for their chimneys of the convention air exchange wind turbine system located at the bases of the building, in the underground parking lots acting as a huge chamber of negative pression to the top intake air entrance located at the top of the building.  The Future Green City will provide too a need it, lung to Durango, improving air quality in a "Garden City" with no private vehicles captivity on its surface. The garden city vehicle circulation will be underground networks of avenues, making its surface: plazas and parks. The ultimate goal of the designers is to maximize the balance between quality of life and environmental impact. We used multiple semiotic, bioclimatic and cultural aspects present in the ancestral architecture of the Toltec, Maya, and Azteca. Terrace systems adapted to increase the vertical and horizontal green space and its inhabitants closer to a rural life. The green space of the new city will become a garden oasis for the whole surrounding population. A perimeter water canal extracted from the water table and the efficient collection of rain, will provide recreation, transportation, drinking water reserves, supply water for air convection (it will be sprinkler the air at the down for increase the descent and produce faster turning of the wind turbines at the bottom of the buildings) at the energy tower buildings, Retro irrigation supply for their gardens, and health service.


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