WT SmartCityAward 2017


Media Complex

CAAT Studio Architecture

The design of this media centre proposes a different kind of perception formed by spaces such as a temporary and permanent video art and workshops, a music studio and performance room, a media department and photography studios and a photo gallery; training workshops as well as office spaces, a restaurant and café, and a mechanical room.  The idea of the CAAT team was to show how the human is involved in the creation of things themselves. In other words, the human while interacting with the different spaces, becomes a certain type of media and turns into a specific type of data which would be entered into the system for the latter to operate. The main idea is that when visitors walk around and explore, they physically draw the boundaries of the different special areas – e.g. they, in the form of a media, define the boundaries of the amphitheatre on the roof, the café area, the external landscape around the building, etc. The project offers different functions to its architecture and the design of these functions is simply achieved through modeling and folding. Four are the area directions according to which the folding turn into designed elements: surfaces, facades, plans and the landscape. These become interactive projection surfaces during nighttime.


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