WT SmartCityAward 2017


Floating Ecosystem

Delta Sync

The idea of not just a city but an entire floating ecosystem. This may give a feasible solution to root out the existing environmental problems and hence become more realistic than others. It will have a positive impact on the planet by creating productive, rather than consumptive communities”. It’s a step ahead from the concept of sustainable architecture, where we just minimize the use of resources, ‘productive architecture’ where we not only minimize the use but also produce resources. This could be “plugged in” at various existing city deltas and also act as the treatment plant for the local waste materials and CO2 emissions that result in city pollution. In 2050, we may fall short of 22 million sq m land which is equal to the area of the North American continent. Hence the target is to build up self-sustaining floating cities that would be able to produce food of their own and decrease dependence on the scarcely available land.


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