WT SmartCityAward 2017


Biotic-Tech Skyscraper City

GPT Architecture

Using sea sponge as reference for its structure to use water flow as living source the building has a wind tunnel to use air flow as power source. The shape of the building itself is a huge wind tunnel mechanism that uses its height and, consequently, environmental conditions to create air flow that sets in motion large wind turbines.
Buildings envelope is an integrated system with several layers that provide energy and protection to support a comfortable environment for its inhabitants. First layer is a semitransparent polymer membrane that stretches under wind pressure without loosing its elasticity. This causes a wave dynamic that sets in motion a large number of pistons, integrated in the structural grid, transforming mechanical energy into electrical energy. Sun energy is used by the second layer. Umbrella sunshades covered with photovoltaic cells, and sensors that make them respond to different sunshine intensity create not only a functional and comfortable environment for inhabitants but also the aesthetics of the building.


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