WT SmartCityAward 2017



Henry Smith, Adam Woodward, Paul Attkins

Launchspire is a radical re-interpretation not just of modern architecture, but of the airport and aviation in general. The design proposes a new methodology of “spiral tube” structure that ensures a habitable floor plate depth and simple pedestrian movement through the structure, while providing an overall cross-sectional width to overcome stability issues. By creating a street of privately owned plots of habitation, the development and evolution of the tower inhabitation becomes organic and specifically tailored to provide for the people that live within the tower. Schools, hospitals, commercial and residential uses would be interspersed throughout the tower with approximately one third of all plots to be public green spaces, nature reserves and farm land. This and its focus on transportation effectively make the building a confluence of road, rail, air and space transportation. a contemporary settlement built around the move of people.


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