WT SmartCityAward 2017


La Cite Des Mériens

Jacques Rougeri

The colossal manta ray-inspired city design was created by the French artist Jacques Rougerie. The 3,000 foot by 1,600 foot structure can house 7,000 researchers, professors, and students and will be equipped with laboratories, classrooms, living quarters, and space for leisure activities and sports. The city would be completely self-sustaining, as well, running on marine energy and producing no waste whatsoever. It has the ability to resist turbulence from storms and other harsh weather conditions. The shape also allows for a large lagoon to be hosted in the centre of the facility, into which roving research vessels such as SeaOrbiters, can be parked, and on either side of its access channels there’ll be space for aquaculture breeding farms where scientists can cultivate and study various marine species. The tips of the vessel’s ‘wings’ would house hydroponic greenhouses for growing all the fruits and vegetables the residents will need right there onboard. 


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