WT SmartCityAward 2017


Rainforest Skyscraper City

Jie Huang, Jin Wei, Qiaowan Tang, Yiwei Yu, and Zhe Hao

The general shape of the Rainforest Guardian Skyscraper is inspired by the lotus flower, a plant well known for its ability to survive for many decades in a watery environment. Rainforest Guardian would feature a spherical flat platform at its highest point, connected to the ground by a series of external arteries or “roots.” Like the spread petals of the lotus, the flat platform would serve as a rainwater harvesting station, filtering and then storing the collected water in spare reservoirs. The aerial roots with a distinct sponge-structure can absorb and store the excess water without disturbing the Amazon’s ecosystem. In the case of fire, firefighters fly to the scene and extinguish the fire with the collected water. The firefighters aren’t physical beings. Instead, they’re unmanned aerial vehicles–drones–which could land on the Rainforest Guardian like so many flies, collecting water from the tower before buzzing off to spray it on the area in need.


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