WT SmartCityAward 2017


Tree Housing

Studio ATA

It is so well developed a "home-workshop" based on a prefabricated modular structure in wood, central body of a system that will be completed and finished by the inhabitants themselves with local materials. The building consists of two blocks: the first, which faces the street, it is intended in employment, however the second block is facing the small courtyard in the center of which there is the tree. In the back part of the structure it will be able to create spaces to raise animals or farm the land. Each block is covered by a roof equipped with solar panels and gutters that allow the collection of rainwater, which is collected by an industrial container positioned in a gap between the roof and ceiling. This position allows the inhabitants to exploit the force of gravity to use the water, eliminating the need for a more complex, expensive and delicate water pumping system.


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