WT SmartCityAward 2017


Unicredit Pavilion


The choice of an open structure of curved laminated wood ribs gives both a sense of accessibility and protection to everything that is going on inside. The buildings internal ground floor level has been raised 110cm above the surrounding pedestrian podium. This contains the structural foundations and floor ventilation plenums, and emphasizes the buildings sense of lightness and personality as an object that has landed. To accentuate the ‘skeleton’ effect the vertical rib structure and roof beams, in laminated larch wood, are separated from the internal service core volumes that enclose all vertical circulation, toilets and principal technical ducts.
The structure opens on the outside through two large wings, equipped with monitors for events open to the general public. Situated on the ground floor is a multipurpose auditorium adaptable to diverse configurations and with seating for 700. An overhead walkway runs along the outer edge of the building and can be used for temporary art exhibitions. On the first floor is a nursery for 50 toddlers, whilst the top level is occupied by a lounge for customer reception and corporate events.


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